Degrees (windchill). Not Celsius. Fahrenheit.

Fortunately, I’ve spent the last couple of years acquiring running clothing appropriate for Siberian conditions. I’m actually looking forward to bundling up for my nine mile, pre-lunch recovery run, on a rare New Year’s Day on which I am not hung over.

The shopping’s done. The bills are paid. I have four days ahead of me with no responsibilities other than running, and feeding and bathing myself. Maybe I’ll do some housecleaning. Maybe not.

The work mill starts up again on Monday. But I’m doing my best not to think about it right now.

I spent a generous $50 Amazon gift certificate from my Mom on a bunch of used books. They are dribbling in from all over the country. Most of them are running-related, of the historical or biographical bent. I’ve realized that my running library is now significant enough to warrant its own section. I’ve also got some fairly valuable out-of-print volumes, it turns out. At some point, I’ll summarize and review some of the better ones here.

3 Responses

  1. Happy 1, girl! Enjoy the frigid run…just keep telling yourself how refreshing it is.

  2. […] we are all heir to. So I see one club member throwing down the gauntlet about another club member, another runner who I see on the roads once in a while (and to whom I’ve spoken but once) but know from her […]

  3. it is only 20 here in south jersey and I thought that was cold. I went for a bike ride, but the right clothes make all the difference.

    I got a couple running related books this week. Ultramarthon Man and PRE.

    Second to running I love reading about running.

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