Crazy windy

It’s crazy windy outside today. Steady winds of 25mph with gusts up to 50mph.

I am about to attempt an 11 mile easy run with 10 minutes at 5K race effort (6:30 or so — although today, maybe not so much).

I hope I don’t get blown into the next state.

5 Responses

  1. Maybe you blown to Holland ;-).Not so many crazy wind!.

  2. Julie, you are awesome, doing 80+ mile weeks in the winter.
    Run back quickly from the next state and post about it.

    Um, is it snowing on this page, or do I need to visit my eye-doctor again?

  3. It is indeed snowing on this page. Nifty little feature from WordPress. It goes away in a few days. If only the real snow would do the same.

  4. So did you make it back alive?

    Although we’re going bankrupt and dealing with a drought, California is a great place to run. It was 45 with no wind and no rain when I went out this morning.

  5. The “next state” is wind-blown?

    The falling snow looks cool over that photo of you running in the snow!

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