Winter Basebuilding: Week 4

09spr-base-04Ahh. A recovery week. And not a week too soon.

With a 25% reduction in volume, I was flying on my feet this past week. I truly needed the day off on Monday, as I was quite tired. Tuesday’s 20 minute effort at 10K was not that difficult physically — the real effort was mental for this run for some reason. I wonder if not running for a day had something to do with that.

I did Friday’s tempo effort on the track, which was a pleasure that day since there was almost no one there. Although at one point I was the entertainment for a PE class of bored eight year olds. I couldn’t help but wonder: did they find me fast or slow?

The centerpiece of the week was Sunday’s run, for which I was lucky to have good weather. Nice and cold and not too much wind. I felt fantastic during this run, managing to crank out eight miles at the end at around 10 seconds per mile faster than my early October marathon pace, all at a lower heart rate.

My resting heart rate is now solidly in the low 40s most days too.

I can hardly believe that I’m nearly halfway through basebuilding already. I’ve enjoyed doing the work and seeing progress, however subtle.

For Basebuilding Week 5 the mileage shoots back up to 85 and I start introducing doubles, on back-to-back days, no less. Then I test out my new and improved wheels and engine in a 15K race in Central Park on Saturday.

3 Responses

  1. Tuesday was good! That’s pretty much a PB for 5k in a training run.

    You should run well on Saturday. I hope it’s not too cold and windy.

  2. Yes, it was, as was Sunday’s run. In fact, we’re revising the target paces downward for Saturday’s race. Kevin is still mulling it over, which would explain that burning smell.

  3. Have a fantastic race on Saturday. Sounds like you’re going to surprise yourself with the new speed you’ve acquired. Crazy that you’re pulling PBs on your training runs and your heart rate is so beautifully low now.

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