Race Report: Nyack Hospital 10K

Just a short report, since this wasn’t technically a race for me. It was a training run, a “tempo on steriods,” with two miles at a quickish pace running sandwiched on either side, making for a brisk 10+ miler.

It was fah-ree-zing this morning. Jesus Christ. The wind chill was 11 degrees when I did my first two miles and probably “warmed up” to around 14 degrees by the 9AM start. There was also an impressive wind from the WNW, probably in the 18mph range, with gusts. That was most noticeable for miles three and four, although it made for a helpful tailwind for the last 1+ mile.

It was sort of fun to run in a race without caring about the results or feeling the need to push myself. In fact, I was not supposed to push myself, and there were times in the race when I was thinking, “Eh, this feels too easy.” Still, I had the pleasure of handily passing two women in the last 1.5 miles who’d been out of reach by a mere fifty yards or so since the race start. What I lack in raw speed (at least for now) I make up for in endurance.

Here’s another interesting thing: I felt very fresh during this race, despite all the faster running this week. Or maybe because of it? I also think doing a nice, long two mile warmup (which I started at a 9:30 pace and ended at around 8:10) got all systems nice and primed to go fast. I felt loose and relaxed throughout, even during the windy and hilly bits. I think I may try a longer warmup for shorter races in the future.

Although he’s recover(ing?)ed from his injury, Jonathan’s not ready to race just yet, so he opted out of this one. Instead, he graciously played the role of support crew, facilitating numerous changes to layering and accessories, and ferreting out secret women’s rooms. He did get a free bagel out of the deal, though, and the chance to sit in a hospital waiting room for 45 minutes, listening to Muzak.

We didn’t hang around for the awards ceremony because last year it took forever to get started. It turns out I was sixth female overall, third female master (and third in my age group, which was a broad — heh heh — women 40-49). I had a feeling I’d win something, but the awards last year were really cheesy. I know. I’m becoming blasé and snobbish about winning age group awards now. Only because my eyes are on bigger prizes now, like actually placing in the top three overall. I’m close: Had I actually raced today, I could have easily taken third place.

5 Responses

  1. Congrats on the age group award! It may not seem like a big deal, but I’m totally jealous – I’ve never won one!

  2. Blase is a nice place to be!

    Hasn’t he seen enough of hospital waiting rooms? Was he just waiting out of the cold for the race to end? Color me confused.

  3. Laura: You’ll get your age group award (or should I say Marathon Maniac WR?) eventually. Yours is just a much longer term project!
    Suz: Yes — he was escaping the 15 degree windchill.

  4. It takes a while to get used to this cold stuff.

  5. That’s promising – especially about the outright possibilities. You’ll have to twist Kevin’s arm to let you race one!

    I think it’s because of the faster running – at least that’s what I’ve found – some quicker work during the week makes race-pace feel comfortable.

    Good idea too about longer warm-ups – 5 or 6k (or more if you need the miles) isn’t too much for a 5k race.

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