Legally blonde

About two months ago I decided to cut all my hair off. Well, not all of it. But it’s pretty short. But still very feminine. I would describe it as pixie-ish.

That apparently set off some sort of chain reaction in my brain because I then began flirting with the idea of going blonde. I was a towhead for the first few years of my life, so I figured I had the right coloring to start with to not end up looking like a freak.

Yesterday I took the plunge. Having never had my hair colored, it was a real education. Over the course of three hours, I had bleach spread on my head in two separate sessions, some heat lamp time, non-culinary use of Saran Wrap, then the spreading of blonde dye color, and the renewal of my pixie haircut, with multiple washings inbetween. I caused quite a stir, since I’m known at the salon as a normally quiet, reserved person, and my hair is — while not brunette — a subdued brown to start with. Such a radical departure ran counter to their expectations of my personality, it seems.

The intial bleaching revealed an interesting color — sort of an Edie Sedgwick/Annie Lennox white-blonde with buttery overtones. We debated keeping it that way, but ultimately decided it didn’t go with my warmer skin tone. So we went with a straw-colored blonde. It’s very light. So light that I’m practically Finnish. An interesting side effect is that my normally mushy-colored hazel eyes now look very green.

I’ll post a picture or two soon.