You are. Like. A hurricane.

Hurricane Hanna is blowing through at the moment. Packing (don’t you love how they always say “packing”? Like she’s going to shoot someone?)…packing 50mph winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Once again, I have managed to schedule a key race on a day when the weather will be uncooperative, to say the least. The forecast at race time (8:30AM) is for 72 degrees, 61 degree dew point (okay, not that bad when compared to this morning’s 74 degree dew point, when the whole world felt like the inside of an EasyBake oven) and 10mph winds. The good news? No rain. The bad news? The wind direction will mean an unfortunate headwind during a long uphill stretch.

But I’m used to running uphill and straight into stiff headwinds! And everyone else will have the same stupid wind blowing in their faces. So, dagnabbit, I’m determined to run my best and have a good time.

Race report to come.

2 Responses

  1. Enjoy! So glad the weather forecast isn’t: “hurricane”.

    I would give $100 for a 10mph wind right now.

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