Thursday temperatures could meet or exceed the 91 degree record from 1961. Realfeel temps expected to be 94.

So here I am, having dutifully gotten up at 5AM in order to do my 14 miler with 8-10 at Mpace+20 seconds per mile. And it’s already hot and humid. The sun’s not even up yet.

The forecast for Sunday’s race in South Nyack is even better: Pouring rain, high humidity (obviously) and possible high winds.

All things considered, at least I don’t live in Haiti, the Dominican Republic or along the Gulf Coast (for a variety of reasons, not limited to bad weather, I am thankful for this). I’ve chosen not to live in the path of hurricanes. So why must I — and my training — still suffer? Why? Why?

Which also begs the question: Should I bother going running this morning? Or should I just go back to bed and shoot myself?

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  1. Thanks for your helpful answers on my blog!

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