I felt better yesterday morning, so I went out and did the planned 14 miler at easy/general aerobic (Pfitz’s term) pace of 8:15 average. I didn’t throw in any hills, as my calves and achilles’ were quite sore and I didn’t want to irritate them further. Then I did a four mile recovery run in the evening and was quite tired (not surprisingly; that second run of the day after a hard run in the morning is usually pretty difficult).

I slept 9+ hours last night and, although I feel pretty good this morning, I’m skipping the planned morning run. I’ll see how I feel later in the day. I may take the whole day off if I still feel tired.

It’s supposed to get very cool starting tomorrow. So I’m hoping to be fully recovered for a big run on Saturday morning. If I’m not, I’ll push it into next week. Or skip it.

Steamtown strategizing

Once my pre-race taper begins next week, I’ll have lots of free time to work on a pacing strategy. Although Steamtown has nearly a net 1000′ elevation drop, it’s peppered with smaller hills in the first half, followed by three big hills at the very end. So I’ll spend a few hours with Google Earth and a calculator to put together my pace band.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting review of last year’s race.