I have something in common with Lance Armstrong


Or, a shinsplint? It’s just on one side. I’ve had it to varying degrees since my race-o-rama period earlier in the fall, in which I ran three hard races over three successive weekends. The shinsplint has gone away, but usually comes back.

It was back yesterday morning with a raging vengeance. I had to cut my planned 5 mile run short at 2.5 miles, much of that time spent walking and whimpering softly.

So I’m resting today and doing R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation). And, of course, this was an excuse to buy more running crap: a SnowPack synthetic ice thingie and a shinsplint compressor. Arriving shortly thanks to Road Runner Sports.

Maybe this is all mental, as this was to be my first week of the speed training phase of my marathon training. I don’t like speed training.

Tomorrow registration opens for the More Marathon. It’s odd to be registering for a marathon when I’m sitting here with a shinsplint. But register I will. I have four months to get over it.

One Response

  1. Personally, I’d rather be able to say I am also Sheryl Crow’s ex than claim your connection with him.

    I did shin splints back in…um…1977, I think. High school track team. Rotten then, rotten now and it amazes me we haven’t come up with any better treatment after all those years than RICE (which was pretty much what I did then).

    Healing thoughts sent your way.

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