Trial run

I took Wednesday off to pamper Splinty (I’ve named my shin splint). Then Thursday and yesterday did two 6 mile runs inside on our newly repaired treadmill. Did you know that the plastic bed of a treadmill can break? Neither of us are large, so it’s a mystery how that happened. But three weeks of phone calls and $214 later, we have what feels like a brand new treadmill. Quieter too.

Nonetheless, I am leaving Millie (our treadmill has a name too) for the great outdoors. It’s a sunny day, and in the 40s, so I’ll see if I can handle a long run (15+ miles) on the local running paths.

I also registered for the More Marathon this morning. Now the idea of running a marathon is no longer theoretical. It’s real. I gotta get my shit together.

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