"It takes too much time and is no fun."

Sometimes it’s fun to look in on the ramblings of someone with a viewpoint that is the polar opposite of one’s own.

Here’s just one such web site, Arthur De Vany’s blog. Be sure to check out the category called “Endurance Training: Death, Injury, and Risk.”

I could give him several demerits for use of the serial comma in his titles alone. But I’ll reserve my ire for his posts, which demonize running by cherry-picking anecdotal or limited research findings to revel in the bad luck that befalls some runners.

Here’s a quote from one recent post, in response to a query from a reader concerning whether or not his daughter should continue to race 10Ks…

“The pretty, happy, and athletic young woman that is your daughter will become a fat, skinny [sic], compulsive, overtrained and prematurely aged woman with a slight scowl on her face in place of that smile if she becomes a chronic runner.”