Ready, steady, go!

I’m behind on training updates because I’m behind on everything these days.

But who cares about training. My fall goal race is nigh.

This morning I went to the track and did a couple of tests at perceived mile race pace: 1×800 (2:56), 1×400 (1:24), 1×400 (1:26). I had a bad night’s sleep and had a 10mph headwind for half of each lap. It was humid too. Still, I was just 1 second off my goal pace for the 800 but right on target for the 400s.

I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to run fast down Fifth Avenue in a few days.

3 Responses

  1. Nice times! Good luck with the 5th Ave Mile. Hopefully the rain’ll let up by the time the gun goes off Saturday.

  2. The weather needs to get with it. Good luck! Your test times look fantastic.

  3. As Joe said, don’t forget to run the tangents.

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