Houston, we have a plan

I had pretty solid plans to go to Houston in January whatever happened in terms of my own Olympic Trial dreams. There will just be too many interesting people there to miss it. Plus, there’s the Trials! For awhile I was thinking I’d skip it, since I thought it might just be too depressing to go now that I’ve regained sanity and given up on my own quest for a qualifier.

But that would be silly. I’m not upset about it now, so I’m doubtful that I will be eight months from now. Besides, as more and more people whom I’d like to meet are coming out of the woodwork and posting “I’m going to be in Houston!” on Facebook, I get more and more excited about the prospect. Not only do a have a slew of Houston Hopefuls to meet, but a whole lot of people whom I have only known virtually will be there, as will my friend Pigtails Flying. And, I hope, Coach Sandra and her star athlete, Khalid Khannouchi.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to register for the 5K race they run in conjunction with the half and full (open, not Trials) marathon races on marathon weekend. I hope to be a specialist at shorter distances by then, and much faster than I am now. The first masters female last year ran a 22:46. Pfft. I can beat that easily now. At my current level I could crack the top 10. Maybe I’ll make it a goal to place in the top 5. Yeah, that would be fun. And perhaps even possible. See? It’s all about picking the right race.

By doing a 5K, I can relax and watch the Trials, and not worry about running around talking to people, or going out and having a beer or two the evening before my race. I can even bail on the 5K altogether without it being a big deal. But I don’t think I will unless I’m injured or something.

Yes. This sounds like a good plan.

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  1. 5Ks are more fun anyway. And bonus — you look remotely ready for social interaction afterward!

  2. Sounds like a very good plan. It’s tough to enjoy a vacation when there’s the stress of a marathon in the middle of it.

  3. I’m not sure there’s anything fun about a 5K, but I do like this plan. I run the 10K associated with the Marine Corps Marathon every year, and I’m always happy I did. All the pomp of the marathon, without the work.

  4. Heading to Houston sounds like an outstanding plan… I think you would regret missing it – so many excellent U.S. marathoners will be there. Doing the 5K is also a good idea… no doubt you have a shot at the top of the masters AG.

    I’m very excited about going to Houston just to watch the OTs on Saturday and cheer for folks on Sunday. In fact I already have my flight and hotel lined up. Are you considering heading out to Oregon for the T&F OTs in Eugene? Another don’t-miss-it event!

    • Yes, this trip is more about watching the races and meeting people than it will be about racing. I think that’s going to be a good thing.

      Much as I’d love to attend the track and field trials, I don’t think I can justify the expense this year. I did go to Hayward Field for 2009’s Prefontaine Classic, and that was a blast. What a great town for running fans.

      • P.S. re: Houston hotels… I managed to sneak in and get a rez at the Hilton at GRB convention center before they raised the rates for the OT event. I think they may be booked up now, but anything near GRB would be convenient (if not cheap) since this is where the Expo and start/finish are. Looks like you can book travel through the Houston marathon site, though I am not sure how good the deals are.

  5. I am thinking about the doing the half. I would be fun to see some peeps there.

  6. I’m signed up for the 1/2 (ehem…if i don’t make that oqt). Looking forward to meeting you…finally.

  7. I’m contemplating coming down, too. Maybe the half, although I considered coming for fun, and doing the 5k would fit in with that. I’ll let you know if that pans out!

  8. That last post was me. I was logged into wordpress and didn’t realize it was signing me in here, too. oops

  9. Good plan Julie. Depends on who turns up of course re masters’ spoils in the 5k. You shouldn’t have advertised the 22:46 here .) It’d be great to run a 5k PB there of course, then enjoy the social/spectating side of the weekend.

  10. Hi! I’ll be there hanging out with you, Barb, Matt and Kate (from Twitter). I am going to run the half. I am really psyched. I had a moment of freaking out about not having a hotel until I realized I am staying at Kate’s house that weekend. Phew. Julie, are you going to have a party for all your Houston Hopefuls? You should totally have a party! I love parties! Matt can be the token male. I’ll be the token woman under 40. It’ll be FUN!

    And screw expenses–come to the T&F OT’s in Euguene with me!

    • PS under 40 only by 14 months.
      PPS you are so going to win your age group in that 5k, I just know it!

    • Is Matt male? I didn’t realize.

      I guess I should reserve a hotel. I hope it’s not too late.

      As for the Houston Hopefuls, I have to see what works for them. Unlike me, they actually care about their races that weekend, so I don’t want to do anything to negatively impact their experiences at Houston.

  11. BTW, I’m now in for the Houston Half. Flying in on Friday to see the trials on Saturday.

    • Yay! Jonathan’s in for the full, at least two other friends are doing the half, and I’ll be doing the 5K. Plus meeting lots of Houston Hopefuls (I hope). We will need to coordinate all social activities.

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