Article: “The Crowd Goes Wild” by Alex Hutchinson

This article from Maisonneuve is worth a read. It discusses the changing dynamic of track and field journalism, one that has evolved from a monodirectional and highly controlled presentation to a two-way exchange between stars and fans that is at times both confrontational and disarmingly honest.

I should point out that I post interesting finds like this to Facebook often and rarely take the time to highlight them here. So if you want more of the same, then (be)friend me.

2 Responses

  1. Good article (if a little long). I would have missed that on Facebook — I only check in there a couple of times a week.

    I remember reading bits of that Rono thread (BTW, good description of Letsrun — “The site is unprepossessing—a primitive-looking jumble of text with splotches of drab grey and yellow—but it has become an unofficial gathering place for track athletes and fans the world over” — but 80% of threads/comments are rubbish), and being fascinated by his method of preparing for a mile record attempt. I think he was off the mark with the massive mileage base building and little in the way of speedwork.

    Saw the Mottram videos too. The interviewer was a wally and needed putting in his place.

    • Yes, virtually all of the articles in that pub are too long. I skim a lot. I go for months without looking at LetsRun, then return to it and note that most of it’s crap. But there are some good threads sometimes. Since I’m an amateur myself, I can hardly criticize the likes of Flotrack for their sometimes awkward interviews. But at least I try to introduce myself properly and treat the interviewees with some respect and sensitivity.

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