Khannouchis to split as couple, remain intact as coach and athlete

I wrote this press release with some sadness a few weeks back. But I will say that theirs is the friendliest divorce I’ve ever seen. I will have more coming on Khalid Khannouchi very soon.


December 6, 2010

New York, NY — American marathon record-holder Khalid Khannouchi and Sandra Khannouchi, his coach and manager of 16 years, have announced that they will be divorcing amicably later this year. The couple met at a road race in 1994 and a year later began working together as coach and runner. They married in 1996. The couple will continue their working alliance. Both are relocating from Ossining, NY to Colorado Springs, CO this month.

Ms. Khannouchi, who will keep her married name for professional reasons, coached Mr. Khannouchi to successes including four Chicago marathon titles, the standing American record at the 2002 London Marathon, and numerous course records at shorter distances.

“No one can coach me better than Sandra can,” said Mr. Khannouchi. “So it makes sense that if I want to finish out my career on a high note, she is the person I should work with to get there.”

Mr. Khannouchi, who placed fourth in the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials, has been recovering and training through a series of surgeries to resolve a chronic injury issue. He expects to be racing again in the coming months.

NY Running: The Club Scene

Last night Joe, Frank, Amy, Steve and I yacked for well over an hour (1:23:18, to be exact) on the NY Running Podcast. We chatted mostly about clubdom — what are clubs all about? What’s in it for you? And why won’t NYRR recognize the Inwood Hill Runners as a club? Steve also plugged a few upcoming races. This episode should get you through a 10 mile run if you’re running an 8:20 pace.

Listen to or download the show at Talk Shoe. Learn more about the NY Running Podcast.

Racing at the Armory

Strap on those spikes and slingshot those hairpins! The schedule for Armory races is up. While I don’t plan to race in these, I may go out and watch: New York Armory Racing Schedule

Children, meet sauna. Sauna, children.

When people tell me about funny things their kids did, I usually don’t find those things all that funny. Actually, they don’t tell me those things anymore because I never laugh. Or I’ll smile politely. Really, when a five year old says something like, “But I thought you were making the cake out of whole wheat flowers,” it’s just not that funny.

So now we’ve established that I am typically immune to the charms of children and their ignorant, ignorant ways. This evening, however, was an exception. I was at the gym, taking a shower, listening to the goings on a few feet away. A woman was cleaning up her two kids, both around four years old or so. One was highly verbal and fascinated by the sauna. I guess he was trying to go in because his mother was saying, “No, that’s a place where someone’s trying to have some private time.”

The kid’s response was, “But the lights are off.” This struck me as perfectly good logic. Logic that I would be hard-pressed to argue with, which is why, among numerous other reasons, I’d make a terrible parent. While she was formulating a response he further defied his mother’s will, pulling open the door. Stepping in, he exclaimed, “Man! It’s hot in here!”