NY Running: The Club Scene

Last night Joe, Frank, Amy, Steve and I yacked for well over an hour (1:23:18, to be exact) on the NY Running Podcast. We chatted mostly about clubdom — what are clubs all about? What’s in it for you? And why won’t NYRR recognize the Inwood Hill Runners as a club? Steve also plugged a few upcoming races. This episode should get you through a 10 mile run if you’re running an 8:20 pace.

Listen to or download the show at Talk Shoe. Learn more about the NY Running Podcast.

10 Responses

  1. cute snowflakes you javascript master.

  2. Nice to hear your voice and you have a nice voice and nice sound to hear!.
    You sounded a bit cold?.
    Further, yet quite different way to talk about running and quite interesting.
    Take it easy in your next game and it will be just fine.
    Good weekend.
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  3. Oh, I see only the snow on your blog, fun, seems in the Netherlands or even snow.
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  4. You mean I don’t have a detached retina? Thank God.

  5. Listening. I can pick out your’s and Joe’s accents now. If I was running it would get me through a 13.5k run at 6:06 pace.

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