Some things I learned today

The Old Crtoton Aqueduct (aka “OCA”) is a lovely place to run, at least the northern section, which starts at Sleepy Hollow High School. I will probably do my tempo run there later this week for a change of scenery. More info at Joe‘s excellent blog, Westchester Trails.

Taking a long nap is much more enjoyable than sitting in a meeting.

It is possible, with extreme discipline and careful use of syntax and clauses, to cut a ~1,000 word article down to ~750 words without losing too much.

If you run with small rocks in your hands they will remind you to swing your arms. Swinging your arms makes you run faster.

Racing shoes are for racing and speedwork only. Doing any other running in them is strictly verboten.

The stopwatch tells no lies.

5 Responses

  1. The OCA is one of my favorite. It actually starts up at the Croton Reservoir and merely goes through Sleepy Hollow High School. You can pick up the southern end on the other side of the parking lot. Although it is not completely continuous, you can run it all the way to Van Cortlandt Park. I’ve done this once.

  2. The OCA is pretty nice everywhere, including the two Yonkers stretches. Thanks for the plug.

  3. I did a stretch of the OCA from Sleepy Hollow HS this spring, it was beautiful and I only tripped once. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to find it from VCP, but my group and I always get confused and end up running some other rail trail up to Yonkers and back.

  4. Rocks. Wow. That’s cool.

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