New Houston Hopeful Interview: Jill Howard

Extreme heat! Vicious eels! Multiple attempts to vomit!

This is just a typical day in the life of a world class triathlete. Jill Howard has experienced these challenges and more as she’s climbed the ladder from starry eyed charity marathoner to Team USA triathlete to, now, Olympic Trials hopeful. If there’s one word that comes up again and again in her interview, it’s “determination.” She’s got enough to spare.

Apologies for the wait. This one was too long in coming, due to a ridiculously busy June and July. The next profile, with two-time previous (2004, 2008) qualifier Heather May, will appear in August.

5 Responses

  1. Excellent, as usual. Determination indeed!

    Now I’m going to pretend that I am your assignment editor.

    After you finish this series, please consider interviewing some of the women who competed in trials before 2000. You could ask them about the experience and find out what they’re doing running-wise now. I think this would be interesting to many runners who are on the other side of the improvement curve.

    • Thanks, Marilyn. I do plan to include some interviews with earlier qualifiers, although I hadn’t thought to go back that far. But I like the idea of a “where are they now” piece. Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed that one Julie. And the interview with Bobby… I wonder what the details of De Reuck’s mechanics were that held her back in the marathon? Anyway, Jill looks to have the coach to get her there.

    As an aside, one of my FB friends, Jackie Fairweather, just won a marathon at age 42 – 2:42. She also came from a triathlon background. Interestingly, she hasn’t been running hugely fast at shorter distances – last year 36:34 for 10,000.

  3. Jill I am so proud of you!!! I wish all the good for you!!
    I know you have what it takes. Run fast and take care!! I love you Aunt Sister

  4. Good Luck !!!!

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