Why it pays to get old. And other photos.

Jonathan’s gone pro. Here’s a photo of his first race winnings: $200 for winning 2nd in the masters division of the Ridgewood, NJ 10K.

This works out to about $.0000000008 per mile trained.

Some shots of Jonathan at today’s Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5K in New Canaan, CT. He was second overall, beaten by a 15 year old.

Looking confident and relaxed. Note the enormous watch.

Warming up and looking like the cat that ate the canary. I think this is one of the best photos I've ever taken of him.

Bats out of hell at 5:10 per mile.

I took a finish photo, but it’s a terrible picture. So, onto the a cooldown shot. Splendor in the grass…

I can't remember why he's laughing. I think I insulted him or something.

New Canaan High School has a great old track. It’s probably not even that old, but the numbers are very old timey. I took some art shots while killing time.

I may need to make a painting out of this one.

Me like triangles.

Standard shot. You can find a zillion just like this in any stock photo library. I'm embarrassed that I even took it, frankly.

Number 3. The larch. The. Larch.

And finally. The best singlet I’ve seen in a long, long while…

Sure, the Scots are thrifty. But they're also very funny.

8 Responses

  1. By far the most entertaining race report I’ve read in a long while.

    Congrats to him, and thanks for the great photos.

  2. Woo, news of speedy Jonathan! He normally hardly appears here, so this is a bonus. Great winnings, too.

  3. A pity it’s so much. If it was $20 or something you could frame it and hang it on the wall.

    Nice track — it looks like it’d be soft to run on.

  4. Forgot my enormous watch link which Flo put me on to.

  5. You never know, that “standard shot” might end up being useful and you won’t have to pay the bucks for the stock image. Personally, I like the shot with the 3 in it.

    Congrats to Jonathan!

  6. Love that singlet! Great photos of Jonathan, congrats on the winnings.

  7. Nice shots. I think you mean second in the SENIORS division, though (since I’m now a “master” I’m sensitive to the terminology). And in fact, the winner of the 55-59 division, who finished in front of all of the 50-54 types, used to be in my running club way back in the day and has one of the more fascinating comeback stories out there.

    • No, it’s masters in this case. However, awards were given by AG% rankings, not time.

      Are you talking about Reno Stirrat? I’d like to hear that comeback story.

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