Why it pays to get old. And other photos.

Jonathan’s gone pro. Here’s a photo of his first race winnings: $200 for winning 2nd in the masters division of the Ridgewood, NJ 10K.

This works out to about $.0000000008 per mile trained.

Some shots of Jonathan at today’s Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5K in New Canaan, CT. He was second overall, beaten by a 15 year old.

Looking confident and relaxed. Note the enormous watch.

Warming up and looking like the cat that ate the canary. I think this is one of the best photos I've ever taken of him.

Bats out of hell at 5:10 per mile.

I took a finish photo, but it’s a terrible picture. So, onto the a cooldown shot. Splendor in the grass…

I can't remember why he's laughing. I think I insulted him or something.

New Canaan High School has a great old track. It’s probably not even that old, but the numbers are very old timey. I took some art shots while killing time.

I may need to make a painting out of this one.

Me like triangles.

Standard shot. You can find a zillion just like this in any stock photo library. I'm embarrassed that I even took it, frankly.

Number 3. The larch. The. Larch.

And finally. The best singlet I’ve seen in a long, long while…

Sure, the Scots are thrifty. But they're also very funny.