New Houston Hopeful interview: Tammy Lifka

I published the second interview in the Houston Hopefuls series yesterday. Tammy Lifka trains in the Chicago area, has three young kids and uses high altitude simulation equipment, among other distinctions. It’s a long interview, but I think well worth the read, most notably for her perspective on pacing marathons, both as pacer and pacee.

For the full interview (with audio): Houston Hopefuls > Tammy Lifka

3 Responses

  1. I look forward to and greatly enjoy your Houston Hopeful entries. The Khalid Khannouchi reporting was terrific as well. Do you think interviewing/reporting talent is genetic, Ms. Threlkeld? Thank you!

    • I think intellectual curiosity is genetic. I suspect the reporting part is experiential/nurture.” But I think you need both in equal measure to be a decent interviewer. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m enjoy talking to new people so far.

  2. Thanks Julie. I’ll have a read tomorrow. Dinner is waiting.

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