New blog: The Tagliner

I apparently don’t have enough ways to waste my time, so I’ve started yet another new blog, The Tagliner. It’s a place to channel the strange thoughts that enter my mind whenever I’m in a commercially rich atmosphere (this unfortunately includes my own living room when the TV’s on, during most of my workday, and every time I leave my home). I’ve also got some funny, writerly friends whom I hope to cajole into contributing regularly to this newest internet blight.

Since this one’s considerably less labor intensive than is Object Haiku, I hope it won’t go so neglected.

3 Responses

  1. It’s like a hybrid between Twitter and those motivational/demotivational posters.

  2. Thats nice!.

  3. Plastic runner girl,

    I expected more from her —

    A fast marathon.

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