Fall Training: Week 12

Training, tapering, whatever. All I know is that the race is now close enough for me to check the weather for race day.

With the exception of a couple of quicker workouts, I’m firmly established in the holding pattern of a pre-race taper. The run on Tuesday, a little under marathon pace, actually didn’t go that well. I was surprisingly slow, owing to a mysteriously high heart rate.

I decided not to waste energy freaking out about it. It’s just one workout, right? I’m chalking it up to possible side effects of the drugs I took for my tendon for a week, plus a few nights’ lousy sleep, as well as my being in the follicular phase, which is typically when I run my worst in longer, sustained-effort workouts.

Friday’s session on the track was a blast. I love short intervals, especially when I’m running well. The hormones were in my favor for this one and my pace vs. effort shows it.

The rest of the week consisted of what I call “toodle along” runs. My legs are starting to feel very fresh and springy now, so it’s been difficult to hold them back from running faster.

The problem left tendon is back to normal in terms of appearance and flexibility, although there’s still some pain if I flex it in an extreme way. But I don’t need to do that for marathon pace running. At this point, I’d be surprised if I’m even aware of it during the race.

I was looking over the women’s results from last year’s CIM and was again reminded of just how competitive a race it is. No AG awards for me this time around, but it does look like I should be able to find plenty of people running my pace, whatever that turns out to be. Interestingly, I do see a lot of positive splits in those results. That may be the case in every marathon (I rarely scrutinize such things), but I’m wondering if the early downhills on the course tempt people to run too fast.

I plan to go very minimalist for this race. I’ll have just two data screens on my watch, each with a single readout: Time of Day (so I know when the race starts) and Heart Rate %. That’s it.

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  1. Good luck!! I’m so excited for you, may it be a fantastic race in every way.

  2. Weather note: Last year there was a noticeable temperature drop about an hour into the race. Keep those gloves handy! I tucked mine into my waistband, and put them on again.
    The first couple of miles can be congested, so some of those positive splits might reflect excessive dodging as well as too much early speed. . People might also have an inflated idea of how fast the course is, and pace ambitiously. I was amazed at the number of faders I passed in the last few miles.
    Wow on the minimalism. No pace or split? Best of luck, And I’ll say hi if I see you!

    • The colder, the better. I race best when it’s just above freezing. I bought some cheap gloves the other day, so I’ll have those handy (Get it? Handy?).

      And I’ll post wardrobe plans for anyone who wants to throw things at me during the race.

      Do say hi if you see me!

  3. Bummed I can’t be there to cheer you on, but military duty calls. Jim is right about the temp. drop leaving Folsom. Stay conservative in the first half and you will have a great race. Passing people at the end of a marathon is quite invigorating!

    Stay strong and have a great race.

  4. This is the exciting part. Good luck.

    Wow, that’s bold on the watch displays. I like the approach though and think it will suit you well.

  5. All looks good — esp on the tendon issue.

    I heard the early downhills result in positive splits, but no use jogging them. Might give you lower than normal for pace HR readings though.

    Enjoy the race!

  6. If I remember correctly they have pace callers at the mile markers, So the minimal watch display might be all you need.

  7. I had only put up lap pace and distance on Cassidy for the last race, and I had no idea what my finish time might be until I saw the clock. I knew I was on 3:05 pace through 15, but was too lazy to switch watch screens or calculate how much I was off. Not sure if it helped or not.

    Thank you for linking the follicular article; that made my night. And excuse me, but is your website snowing on me?

  8. How can it be snowing when it’s approaching 30 degrees C?

  9. Well, it’s either snow or “snow” drifting northward from Colombia (I do live just steps from the Bronx, after all).

    It’s 66F right now, on Dec 3 in NY. Too warm for snow.

  10. Good luck to you guys. (And don’t put your number on upside down. (Get it? 6699?))

    For a second there I thought you were taking a swipe at my alma mater, Columbia. And technically you also live steps from Colombia, albeit lots of them.

  11. Good Luck!

  12. You are going to do GREAT!!! I would love to run CIM but ‘settled’ for Napa in March.

    Speaking of follicular, I highly recommend a “girly” book: http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Your-Fertility-Anniversary/dp/0060881909/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1

    Its not just about making babies, but about knowing your cycle and taking ownership of the whole system. Really good stuff. 🙂

  13. Oh, and WHADDAYA MEAN the women’s division is competitive? You could WIN it, speedy woman!

    When I think of competitive I think mid-high 2’s for the female winners. Kick some butt out there!

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