Hello, my name is…

My shiny new Garmin 310xt arrived yesterday evening. I’ve taken it out for a spin and, dang, I’m in love. This is my third training watch (previous models include a Polar RS300 and a Garmin 305, both of which bit the dust).

It seems a tradition among runners to name their watches. So I’ll jump on the bandwagon, but with your help.

13 Responses

  1. If you name it Joanie, you will regret it. Never name anything after a living person…that’s the rule…the person immediately becomes a Ponzi-scheme running Nazi pedophile, and you look like an idiot. Not that Joan BS is likely, but see? That’s the point.

    • Joanie is a saint. A saint! If she turned out to be scum of the earth, I’d have bigger issues that what I named my stupid watch. Like losing all faith in humanity.

  2. See, see. You’re already starting. “My stupid watch.” In the end you know you’ll come up with all sorts of unprintable nicknames for it (not “her” or “him”) and fling it into the waters of the mighty Bronx River and then you’ll feel really bad about maligning poor Trixie or Miles or whatever and the internal conflict will just make you explode and I’ll have to run around the resulting mess to avoid getting my new, bright GT-whatever-number-they’re-up-to Asics trainer dirty.

  3. I stopped naming mine because it makes me sadder when they die.

  4. “Motherf*cker!!”

    Wait–that’s what I named mine. At least I think I did, since that’s what I seem to say when looking down at it during tempo runs and such.

  5. I haven’t formally named mine, but I sometimes refer to it as the Brick. I might be inclined to name it after a nasty historical villain, like Torquemada or Richard III.

  6. Miles is what you run, a lot!.
    it is your run mate, but have fun and don’t look to much to your new running friend!.
    Nice weekend.

  7. I chose Grete in honor of your Norwegian heritage.

  8. Same here Marilyn.

    What about Germin Freetendex?

    Is that a new ‘do Julie?

  9. Julie, new pic on your blog!.
    New look, looks nice….

  10. Well, if you insist, I’d go with “Jonathan.” That could avoid some faux pas down the road.

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