Mixes: Speedy (1 hour)

Lately I’ve gotten sick of the same old playlists or listening to albums with spotty quality. So I’ve made it a goal to put together at least one or two new music mixes a week to get me through summer/fall training.

Here’s the first one. This features some faster tracks, which I’ll use for anything tempo-y. This list provides exactly one hour of music. Heck, I can do anything for an hour, especially if I’ve got some good tunes playing in the background.

Speedy: 1 Hour

No Cars Go – Arcade Fire
Switch On – Paul Oakenfold
Problem Child – AC/DC
You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
The Silence Between Us – Bob Mould
Run Baby Run – Garbage
21st Century Breakdown – Green Day
Barracuda – Heart
Is It Any Wonder? – Keane
The Lovers Are Losing – Keane
Human – The Killers
Celebrity Skin – Hole
Same Old Drag – Apples in Stereo
The Laws Have Changed – The New Pornographers
Dress Like Your Mother – Sleeper
Cannonball – The Breeders

7 Responses

  1. Anyone who runs to Keane is all right with me! How about “Crystal Ball” or “Bend and Break”? Perhaps not up-tempo enough.

  2. Okay, I have two suggestions:

    “I only want you” by the Eagles of Death Metal and “I’m a Punkrocker” by the Teddy Bears with Iggy Pop.

  3. Hey, there’s some really good stuff on here! I just wrote a blog about this too:

    iTunes has a feature called Sport imixes so you can use to post your mixes in the blog if you want and have them all in one place on iTunes. Could be good for your followers πŸ™‚

  4. Thats a nice playlists and what is happend when you run 1 houre and the music is not ready ;-).
    And what is your playlist for the slow and long run?.
    Nice Julie, but i run whit the music of birds, sea,wind and sometime’s cars!!!.

  5. I run with the music of Rinus, but… some good ones there. AC/DC – what about Back in Black? Or the Celine/Anastacia version of You Shook Me πŸ˜‰

    Barracuda – yes! Heart was some band. Cannonball – haven’t heard that for a while.

  6. Good list, I have several of those songs on rotation. +1 to Old School, Keane is so great and I also like Michael’s suggestion of Punkrocker with Iggy, fun song.

  7. Hi Julie — I just discovered your blog and it is awesome! Thanks for the great music suggestions!

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