Summer Basebuilding: Week 4

sum09-base-03This week was yet another improvement over the last. Whether it’s the iron kicking in, recovery at work, or some combination, I was feeling good last week. The mileage got bumped up by a little over a third, going from 40 to 55.

The running was all time-based again (distances shown are estimates based on past runs), and with rare exception I didn’t wear the Garmin and HRM. The one day that I did wear gadgetry for good reason, my HRM stopped functioning normally. This was unfortunate since I’d wanted to run another fast mile or two to get some pace vs. HR% data. But, alas, it was not to be. My new 310xt is backordered, with an estimated ship date of 7/31 (Friday).

This has been the week for device failure. The HRM died on Friday. Our scale has started giving wildly erratic readings, so we made the decision to replace that as well. Then, this morning, our treadmill ceased to work after 5 minutes. That’s going to be a big one to fix.

So, for the time being I’m somewhat rudderless when it comes to the data measurement aspect of training. The heat and humidity are at full blast here in NY now and I’d hoped to do some running inside on the worst days. That’s not going to happen now. Nor will a new pace/HR% test until I can get a new watch. I suppose I could borrow Jonathan’s, but I’m beginning to believe that this sudden breakdown of most of my running and fitness-related devices is some sort of cosmic message: Stop worrying so much about numbers; pay attention to how you feel and take all your cues from that.

Last week had another couple of “wow, I feel great” runs. Despite horrible humidity on Thursday morning I felt great on my run. Friday morning was a bit drier and that was the day I wanted to motor. It was so frustrating when the watch didn’t want to go along with my plans. But I ran faster for a bit anyway just to feel the pleasure of running fast again.

I worked up to a two hour run yesterday and despite dreadful weather nevertheless managed an (estimated) 10:30 pace. This morning under similar conditions it was sub-10:00. So I’m definitely feeling better, and running faster, on these recovery runs than I was a few weeks ago.

The other activity I added back in was some weight work twice a week. I have a routine that takes an hour to an hour+20 depending on how many sets I do. The focus is on the upper body (arms, shoulders, back, abdomen), but with some squats and balance-related work for the quads, hamstrings and stabilizing muscles in the hips, ankles and feet. I may drop this work once I move into training in the fall, but for now I’m enjoying doing it again.

Aside from a one hour nap yesterday, my chronic need to nap seems to be behind me. The insomnia that replaced the excessive sleepiness was a bit less pronounced this past week too. I’m hoping it ebbs away completely soon.

I have no plan yet for this week, aside from doing more of the same and continuing to let the iron and rest do their stuff.

4 Responses

  1. Thats good work this week!.
    Nice to see the training in time, i like that….
    I do 2 a 3 times fitness in the week and thats is good for your back,arms and body….Running is heavy for your arms, (oblique) abdominal muscles, neck, etc….
    I do not train my legs, feet and i think fitness make you strong for running.

    Some times i do a sort nap when i run a long time, but now i do seldom a nap, but more a sort
    bed rest for the body but better is go to the sauna(4 times the week).

    I hope your new garmin works good and you do it well.

  2. Good to hear that things are perking up again, and the mileage is coming back up. If I were Jonathan, I’d be reluctant to lend my Garmin to you!

  3. Glad you’re enjoying the numberless running. Still, I’ll be interested in the pace/HR data when the XT arrives.

    I read another thing recently about over-training… that insomnia (or at least waking up mid-sleep) is another sign. Also, it’s probably worth keeping going with the iron – Nate Jenkins is running well again since he’s been doing that.

    • Yes, in the extensive Googling I’ve done on overtraining, insomnia seems to be a marker of sympathetic system overtraining, where excessive sleep is a marker of the more serious variety, parasympathetic overtraining.

      I’ve also been following Jenkins’ recovery. I will probably keep taking the iron/C as long as I’m training hard, as a preventative measure.

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