Running the bloody numbers

I don’t know why this should surprise me, but I’ve received feedback on the order of “so, when are you going to post your bloodwork results?!” I’d thought that was way too much detail to share, not that I mind sharing it.

It is interesting to compare numbers to other athletes, although as the saying goes, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Without knowing a lot about what the numbers really mean, well, it’s hard to know what the numbers really mean.

So without further adieu, here’s what’s going on in me that is not visible to the naked eye. I’m just sharing the highlights, not every single reading.

Note that test reference numbers are based on the subject’s age, gender, etc.. So you may have a completely different set of “normal” criteria if you go get these tests done for yourself.

Thing measured           Result           Reference
                                          (Lab's "normal" range)

Blood pressure           108/59           Damned good!
Pulse rate               45               Sweet!

  WBC                    4.4              4.0-10.5
  RBC                    4.17             3.8-5.1
  Hemoglobin             13.3             11.5-15.0
  Hematocrit             39.8             34.0-44.0
  MCV                    95               80-98
  MCH                    31.9             27.0-34.0
  MCHC                   33.5             32.0-36.0
  Platelets              259              140-415
Iron and TIBC
  TIBC                   456 (high)       250-450
  UIBC                   353              150-375
  Iron, Serum            103              35-155
  Iron Saturation        23               15-55
  Ferritin, Serum        35               10-291

Vitamins (ordered on suspected deficiency)
  Vitamin D              36.4             32.0-100.00
  Vitamin B12            456              211-911

Lipid Panel (for shits and giggles, and gloating rights)
  Cholesterol, Total     143             100-199
  Triglycerides          54              0-149
  HDL Cholesterol        71              >39
  VLDL Cholesterol       11              5-40
  LDL Cholesterol Calc   61              0-99
  LDL/HDL Ratio          0.9             0.0-3.2


8 Responses

  1. Julie,
    This is very impressive! You obviously chose your parents wisely, and I imagine your lifestyle has a bit to do with these results as well. The BP and pulse rate alone are spectacular.

  2. Marilyn, I doubt this is genetics since both my parents are on high blood pressure meds. And at least one of them is on high cholesterol meds too. It’s all lifestyle.

    To their considerable credit, though, I chose them wisely in a whole lot of other respects.

    • That makes it (rather, you) even more impressive. If Steve Jobs could buy what you have, he would be a very happy man.

      • You mean a healthy liver? He just got a brand new one in Tennessee. 🙂 Unless the previous owner spent years drinking too many martinis, it’s probably in much better shape than mine is.

  3. I mean good health! Anyone who needs a new liver probably has a few additional problems. And I’ll bet your liver is very cute and healthy, despite the occasional libation. So there!

  4. Vitamin D is on the low side. I guess you don’t get to run in the sun during the winters up there.

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