Thank you, fellow runners

I wanted to acknowledge all the kind comments here. I’m in vacation mode now, doing a lot of sightseeing and not thinking about running (or the marathon whose name shall not be spoken).

Even though the last thing I feel like doing right now is running, I hope to get a “runner’s tour” of Medford from a friend of a friend today. Failing that, I may go out on my own through the streets of Ashland, just to see if I suck as much on an easy run as I did on Saturday.

As an interesting side note, I do feel sort of crappy and my RHR was 60 this morning, about 15 beats higher than it should be. Although that may be owing to 9+ hours of driving yesterday, pie a la mode, and copious amounts of wine in the evening.

Happy running and, really, thank you. I’m touched by the kindness of strangers, acquaintances and friends here.

10 Responses

  1. Here’s to learning, forgiving, drinking wine and enjoying being a fit, adventurous woman. Oh, not to mention resiliant ;-).

    enjoy the sites!

  2. RHR up 15? Keep track of that. It seems about in line with the nameless event. Some sort of infection, perhaps? Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Hi Julie!.
    I read your marathon storie and what was happend?.
    You can run easy a PR on the marathon, no problem for you.
    The marathon is not to foretell and that makes a marathon so beautiful.
    You train more than 7 months for 10 marathons ;-).
    It is not so easy to tell in english and i hope i do no pain for you, je kan het, alleen moet je niet altijd zoveel trainen en neem ook je rust!.Rust is ook trainen en rust maakt je sterk.probeer de marathon te begrijpen en een marathon is meer dan alleen maar trainen.
    Julie, je kan het en tussen de oren moet het ook goed zitten.
    You can do many thinks but you can run a fast marathon this camming weeks!.You have train a lot and the marathon last week was a good training for a next marathon.
    You can plan a marathon this month and than you run a PR.
    But what i told you before, you like a young girl waiting for her first kiss ;-).
    Julie, you can do it and learn about it and take a rest!.
    Greet from Rinus, tired about the ROPArun this weekend…

  4. Hi Julie,
    I hope the rest of your time away is both fun and relaxing. Then, when you return to training and plan for your next marathon, I hope you will remember that vindication is sweet! I say this from personal experience.

  5. The park in the centre of town is a good place for an easy run, but watch out for bears.

    The high HR is odd – surely not ‘post race’ high? Maybe a touch of H1N1?

    Maybe not 10 marathons as Rinus suggested, but why not run another in a month or so ‘just’ at 3:15ish pace?

  6. The issue in running another marathon in a month or so is that it will be high summer on the East Coast then. So my only option is to travel to someplace with a cooler and drier climate, which means either Canada, the West Coast or Europe. That’s an expense (and probably more time away from work) that I hadn’t counted on. I’d have to think hard about whether it’s worth it.

  7. Drink a glass for me, lady. Oh wait, I drank a couple glasses today already. Oh well. There’s always another race, right?

  8. What about Manitoba?
    June 21, and you can still enter. Fly up Friday night, back Sunday night.

  9. Julie, you can try a marathon in your area and hope that it is not to hot!.
    It makes nothing different what you do!!!.
    You can do nothing and train at the end off the summer.
    Or you do a marathon in Juni and see what is happends…of each marathon that you run you learn and run later a faster marathon.
    Some times it is better to do a step backwards
    and learn about it and go 4 steps forwards!.
    When i was yoy!, i run a marathon in Juni and see what is happend.
    Have a nice weekend and you can run a marathon next week whit my in Amersfoort ;-).

  10. Can I just say that I enjoy Rinus’ comments almost as much as your posts? Rinus, you are both poetic and clear in a language that I suspect is not your own.

    Julie, I hope you get a few gentle runs in the beautiful scenery. Do get your blood tests when you get home if your heart isn’t back to normal (and look for anemia, the most likely culprit, but I’m still dubious), but mostly just hang out, relax, and enjoy your trip!

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