Thank you, fellow runners

I wanted to acknowledge all the kind comments here. I’m in vacation mode now, doing a lot of sightseeing and not thinking about running (or the marathon whose name shall not be spoken).

Even though the last thing I feel like doing right now is running, I hope to get a “runner’s tour” of Medford from a friend of a friend today. Failing that, I may go out on my own through the streets of Ashland, just to see if I suck as much on an easy run as I did on Saturday.

As an interesting side note, I do feel sort of crappy and my RHR was 60 this morning, about 15 beats higher than it should be. Although that may be owing to 9+ hours of driving yesterday, pie a la mode, and copious amounts of wine in the evening.

Happy running and, really, thank you. I’m touched by the kindness of strangers, acquaintances and friends here.


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