Kara sighting last night!

Fooled ya! I didn’t actually see Kara Goucher. Instead, I had yet another in my ongoing series of Kara Goucher dreams. The worst came several months ago, when I dreamt that I was lined up on a track, getting ready to race, and Kara Goucher was crouching to my right, so close that I could see her forehead vein palpitating.

Last night’s encounter had a totally different setting. I was on the set of one of those vapid morning talk programs, and they were featuring as guests some 2008 Olympians doing little demonstrations: Jenn Stuczynski was pole-vaulting awkwardly in the cramped studio space. Kara was forced to run in place.

Then it was time for the pitch. Jenn and Kara were led over to a table on which sat a plate of ghastly looking processed meat products. Kara surreptitiously flipped one of them over to hide the label. But that didn’t get past our blonde, helmet-headed host. She made an exaggerated frowny face, chided Kara for not being a sport, and flipped the package back over for a proper product placement. Kara looked both angry and despairing. Jenn fiddled with her shorts and looked away.

Then, in a fit of petulance, Kara sent the entire contents of the table crashing to the floor and stomped away.

It was awesome.

5 Responses

  1. What a coincidence, I saw her yesterday, too. I was at Whole Foods checking out and saw her on the cover of Runner’s World. No Oscar Meyer temper tantrums, though, just looking as robotic as the rest of Runner’s World’s cover models.

    • Hi flo, I know, RW really does strip away allt he personality off their cover models. haven’t read that article yet, I am saving it for when I really need a treat.

  2. “Kara was forced to run in place.” — HILARIOUS.

    I have to say, Kara does not seem like the type of person to throw a petulant fit for any reason, but if ever there was a situation that warranted it, your dream set-up is it!

    (And why am I jealous that Kara appears in your nocturnal visions but not mine?)

  3. Those RW covers are so artificial. I think they do the shoot in a studio, then photoshop the outdoors background, Probably remove blemishes too.

    That’s a pretty bizarre dream, by the way. My running dreams are the conventional missing-the-start anxiety kind.

  4. We even see her down here too. She’s everywhere. I haven’t spotted a palpitating forehead vein though.

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