Rinus Runs Rotterdam!

Rinus is a Dutch blogger who is a regular reader and commenter of this blog. He is also a prodigious marathoner, having completed 19 (with a PB just a shade over 3:30). He races other distances frequently too. I’ve begun to think of him as the Dutch Frank Colella. Not just because he races so often, but also because he’s a serial documenter of his races, which all have an important social component as well. In any race post, I can usually count on seeing lots of pictures of Rinus and Frank and friends.

Rinus has a Google translation tool on his blog, which enables me to understand about 25% percent of each post. In a way, reading his posts is like some sort of weird sensory deprivation experience. I get pieces of the story through words, along with more visceral elements through pictures and video, and a rough (yet still somewhat mysterious) narrative emerges.

His videos — some of them taken while actually running the race — are great fun to watch. I just wish I knew what the hell he was saying in them.

In this latest chronicling of his exploits, Rinus helps a few fellow runners attempt a 4:15 race at Rotterdam. They almost made it — it looks like the sun and heat may have caught them by surprise, though.

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  1. Thanks Jullie for the attention of my running blog.
    I like to have some time run a marathon for fun or for pace.
    I talk to much and hope to help other runners.
    In the Rotterdam marathon movie a talk about the differents between Rotterdam and amsterdam and make some jokes about it ;-).
    The next (marathon) movie i talk some english!.
    Thanks Jullie and when i go to the NewYork marathon, i make “dutch runner go’s to newyork”…
    xx Rinus.

  2. Rinus, you crack me up.

  3. Rinus, that would be better than “Escape from New York 2”.

    It takes a bit of reading between the lines (and under them) to get the narrative. I thought Rinus did a lot of walking until I twigged that Google thinks walk means run in Dutch. Now I know lopers means runners 🙂

  4. Ewen, the dutch language is not so easy and a lot of word we say other and vice.
    for example english say twenty six and dutch say sixty twenty!.
    And indeed the dutch word “wandelen”, “lopen” = walk.
    “rennen”=running. “lopers”= runners. “hardlopers”= fastrunners.The most wrhight hardlopers. And as last marathonlopers= marathonrunners.
    Nice to read that You and Jullie interested tres are in the dutch language.
    Greets Rinus.

  5. Lopers, hardlopers, marathonlopers, Those are cool words for what we do!
    I’ll bet those Dutch courses are flat and fast too. Around here, race directors can usually find some hills to send us over.

  6. “…for example english say twenty six and dutch say sixty twenty!”
    In that case, I’m blaming the Dutch for the global financial crisis. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

    And, as I ponder making up some RLAG tee shirts, I’m thinking I need one that reads “hardloper”.

  7. Julie, “In that case, I’m blaming the Dutch for the global financial crisis. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.”
    Yes i now, it started 400 years ago in Newyork(nieuw Amsterdam) when the dutch came there 😉 hihihi!.
    And this evening i sign for the marathon Newyork 2010, yes i go to Newyork for the marathon..
    I see you Julie.

  8. Jim, go to Holland for a fast and flat marathon!.

  9. In that case Julie, I’ll have one that says “softloper”.

    You could be correct Rinus – I don’t think we’ll see 2:04 in Boston or New York!

  10. I’d help with the Dutch language but I left Holland over 40 years ago. It’s funny how they use “lopers” for runners and walkers.
    Rotterdam 26.2: one race I’ll always regret not running (rennen).

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