Spring Race Training: Week 9

09spr-training-09Another good week for me. Here’s the blow by blow:

The recovery runs throughout the week tended to be on either end of the spectrum, with most runs having me feeling a little tired, and two in particular where I had that familiar run-over-by-a-truck feeling. It’s funny what a number those runs can do on your head; you think you’ll never feel good again and you ruminate on exactly how fast you plan to run in The Big Race, which seems patently absurd as you shuffle along at 10:30…

I’ve had enough of those exhausted runs over the past couple of months to know that I can go from ass dragging to perky in a mere 12-24 hours. So I keep the faith, do the run, and try not to worry too much. It’s easy to see which was which this past week: The slower afternoon times on Tuesday and Friday are dead giveaways.

As usual, I had three hard workouts this week. Or, let me amend that: I’d gone into the week thinking I had two hard workouts and one colossally hard workout. As it turned out, the big scary workout turned out to be a paper tiger.

Since Sunday was the scary day, intensity was dialed back throughout the week. The Tuesday general aerobic run was sans tempo miles. Still, I felt good on Tuesday morning and took advantage of that by running a speedy pace after a very gradual, slowish warmup of 2-3 miles. Thursday was a fun session on the track (did I just include “fun” and “track” in the same sentence?). I felt the effects of that effort 24 hours later on Friday evening, but I recovered in time for…

Sunday!! Sunday!! Sunday!!*

Sunday was the huge workout that, oddly enough, I’d come to look forward to rather than dread. It felt sort of like engaging in a science experiment of questionable wisdom:

Enroll as your subject a 43-year-old woman. Have her run 101 miles in one week, followed by 78 miles the next. Make sure a fair percentage of those miles are fast. Then put her in Central Park and make her run 6 miles up and down hills. Then have her race a 15K. Then feed her a little, and have her do another six miles on hills. Finally, feed her an enormous stack of pancakes, place her in a recliner and observe.

The effects, at least so far, have not been dramatic. My legs are a little sore today (duh) and I’ve got some sort of weird problem with my left foot (inflamed tendon or something) that I’ll get seen to this week. Other than that, the crushing exhaustion and compromised performance I was anticipating yesterday didn’t materialize, nor am I particularly tired today.

Week 10 feels like a cakewalk until, again, Sunday. A little tempo work tomorrow, a little speedwork on Thursday, and no doubles. Then, on Sunday, the race I’ve been eagerly anticipating: a flat 30K that, weather permitting, I hope to run at goal Mpace or faster (7:04). I’d love to break 2:11 (that would be 7:02) pace, but I recognize it may be too early to hope for that.

*Remember those monster truck show ads? Jonathan and I were so enamored of them way back when that we actually decided to go to one to see what they were like. It was in Madison Square Garden — an enclosed space to offer extra exposure to exhaust and deafening engine noise. When I went to the box office to buy tickets, the agent actually said to me, “Uh, these aren’t for you, are they?” This is probably the actual ad that drew us in.

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  1. OMG, I went to one of those shows at Madison Square Garden, too! “Funny Cars!” They also had some motorcycle dudes racing around – the high point of the show was waiting for one of those guys to crash. (because try as I might, I couldn’t give a shit about the monster trucks).

    Great week girl! Hope the tendon thing is a shadowy nothing, very glad you’re not real pooped from all that.

    • Flo, did you attend this show in 1991, by any chance? We had motorcycle guys too. If you were there, we were probably the only other non-murderous rednecks in the audience.

  2. I really had to think about this, you know, it could have been 1991ish, though not sure exactly. Wouldn’t that be a trip? I still sometimes say “Funny Cars!” the way they did on the commercial, for no reason at all. It just makes me laugh.

  3. Julie, Congrats whit your good 15km running time!.
    You run easy and that a good sign.
    I whish you goodluck Sunday whit the 30km race and i hope you run 2:11.
    It is not easy, but i think you can!.
    Perhaps i run a half marathon Sunday?, i see..

  4. So you fell asleep in the recliner? Good to hear you were only run over by a Tonka Toy and not a MONSTER truck.

    Looking forward to Sunday’s report when the BEAST FROM THE EAST runs 2:10:59 for 30k. It’ll be AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!

  5. Thanks for the compliment Julie.

    I’ve never met an American I didn’t like – but then again, I’ve never been to a Monster Truck show in Madison Square Garden.

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