Spring Race Training: Week 6


God damn it, what is wrong with WordPress? This is the second time I’ve spent a half an hour writing a post, only to have it disappear when I try to publish it.

Here we go again…


I ran 95 miles this week for the first time since September. It didn’t feel that hard, although I realized while I was out on recovery run #2 today that in the past three days I’d run just over 47 miles. That was something of an eye opener.

I enjoyed all the workouts this week. It was a good week, meaning the pattern was one of success and heightened comfort levels. I got the shot of confidence I needed after a few spotty workouts in the past few weeks. Whatever this groin issue is has also dissipated, which has helped. I feel it mostly walking around first thing in the morning, but it fades as the day progresses.

I enjoyed Tuesday’s general aerobic run (perhaps because it featured no tempo miles?). I ran it on the quicker side at 8:15, although I was only at 75% MHR, so it wasn’t a difficult pace to sustain.

Wednesday was incredibly busy, with a long day in the city, so for the first time since following a prescribed plan I skipped a workout, but vowed to make up the miles. This may have helped me on Thursday, when I went to a relatively windless track and more or less nailed the 300m intervals session. I ran half too fast, half too slow. I’ll shoot for better consistency next time around.

Friday afternoon was the only day I felt completely fried, but by Saturday morning I was raring to go again. My planned 25K race/training run got pushed back a week due to the impending winter storm (which is, as of this moment, 14 hours behind schedule). So I did some rearranging (with Coach Kevin’s blessing), and moved next weekend’s fast finish long run to Saturday. I did the early miles very easy to preserve energy for the faster 2.5 at the end. Those went well, with a much higher level of comfort (and lower MHR) as compared to a similar effort two weeks ago. Hills and headwind slowed the last .5 mile, but I was pretty much dead on pace before losing 11 seconds at the end.

I tacked on 5 recovery miles today to compensate for Wednesday’s shortage. So I ended the week with the planned 95 miles. Don’t ask me where I got my work ethic, as I have no idea.

Week 7 is a 70 mile recovery week, with Tuesday tempo, Thursday speed and the rescheduled 25K race on Sunday. Then it’s right back up to triple digits again.

No comment

The weather people have been threatening us with a winter storm since Friday. My 25K race was moved to next weekend, which necessitated some rearrangement of my running schedule for a good two weeks as a result. I did a hard 17 miler yesterday since the shit weather was predicted to start early this morning.

As of 2:34PM, no snow. So I’m hitting the road for the my second recovery run of the day, given that I’ll likely be spending most of my running time inside this week.

Forecast is still for 6-12″. The question is “When?”

I thought we were out of the woods in terms of snow and ice storms, it being March and all. But, sadly, it seems we’re in for one of the biggest wallops of the season. No wonder NYC was just voted the third worst place to train in America.