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The weather people have been threatening us with a winter storm since Friday. My 25K race was moved to next weekend, which necessitated some rearrangement of my running schedule for a good two weeks as a result. I did a hard 17 miler yesterday since the shit weather was predicted to start early this morning.

As of 2:34PM, no snow. So I’m hitting the road for the my second recovery run of the day, given that I’ll likely be spending most of my running time inside this week.

Forecast is still for 6-12″. The question is “When?”

I thought we were out of the woods in terms of snow and ice storms, it being March and all. But, sadly, it seems we’re in for one of the biggest wallops of the season. No wonder NYC was just voted the third worst place to train in America.

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  1. Funny, I was just thinking of how good NY is for training; of course when I lived in the City I was 50 yards from Central Park. That’s a triathlete site. For all I know, NYC may be hell for swimming.

    As to weather, I think we have it pretty good there too. Not counting this winter, the prior 2 were pretty gentle; I only missed maybe 5 runs for weather reasons. Not too hot, not too cold.

  2. Thats not so good for running a marathon in Newyork ;-).
    I hope it cat better.
    Or you go to Heemskerk, Holland!, you can run in the wood, dune, beach,and city ;-).

  3. Ah, but New York City has woods, dunes, beaches. Bridges, tunnels, boardwalks, promenades. Bridal paths. And Central Park!

  4. And don’t forget the Oyster Bar.

  5. Why am I feeling guilty coming from one of the best places to train in Australia?

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