When running in circles is a joyous act

Today I ran outside on the actual running path. Not in the street. Not in a race. Just a normal, everday recovery run on a running path. And it was good.

The path is still dotted with some extended stretches of solid ice, so I had to stop and slide robotically over those sections every half mile or so. But with temps forecasted in the mid-50s tomorrow, that should be gone by Thursday.

I ran down to the Bronxville track, which was also more or less clear. I went there to do my assigned six strides, but it was such a relief to run unobstructed that I ended up not only tacking on an extra couple of strides but also doing five miles on the track. Round and round. Didn’t matter. I just enjoyed the air, the wind, the freedom of really running, meaning propelling myself forward rather than  having my feet pulled backward and out from under me endlessly, endlessly.

I’ve got a fast finish 12 mile aerobic run tomorrow, which I’m almost certain I’ll do inside since the path is still fairly treacherous. That’s okay, though. I got my fix today and I’m sure I’ll get to do the rest of my runs outside this week.

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  1. Ah – the simple pleasures of really running!

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