Ibuprofen, how I love thee

My groin/leg thing is still an issue, which is sort of amazing. Or maybe not so amazing, since I give it a rest for a day or two and then whale on it again with a race or hard workout.

I’m reminded of when I was training for my very first marathon, a five month period in which I had nonstop shinsplints (or, rather, a wandering shinsplint) for four of those months. I just took ibuprofen constantly, sometimes ran in mild to moderate pain, and the problem went away.

In a way, this is not as bad because it doesn’t actually hurt while I run. It just hurts first thing in the morning after a hard run the day before, and only when I do certain things (like go up or down stairs, lift my leg over the side of the tub, etc.)

I could be an alarmist and take some days off, but I’m not inclined to. I just have a feeling it will go away on its own eventually, as every other quasi-injury has. Damned annoying, though.