This is practically a documentary of my running over the last month

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. Probably the deep-seeded reason why I don’t ever run on treadmill…

  2. Its fun!.
    And this one good marathon trailer movie “The Spirit of the Marathon”
    So i want to go to the USA for run a marathon!!!.


  3. I liked Spirit of the Marathon, although I didn’t like that they focused on only the two ends of the participation spectrum: elites (Deena Kastor and Daniel Njenga) and a few middle-to-back-of-the-pack and/or charity runners. I wished they’d included at least one competitive non-elite to get the whole picture of who runs marathons.

  4. Surely not the last thing.

    Of course, nothing can beat a Shih Tzu doing anything:

  5. @Julie, totally agree.

  6. I Liked SOM too. They did have a guy who was trying for a BQ, but he dropped out with a knee injury. Pity.

  7. I think that guy dropped out because, as a hoot, he put the treadmill on 12mph and ran on it for the camera.

  8. I share Julie’s view on SOM. I would like to have seen someone below the elite level but still pretty fast, such as someone going for a OT qualifier.

  9. I thought you would have been more adept at treadmill running by now 😉

    Very clever – spot-on with the movement and sound effects.

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