For all who have been curious, I’ve posted a photo (highly stylized) of me with my new blonde locks on the About page.

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  1. LOVE IT!! You look like Annie Lennox!!

    Are you keeping the eyebrows dark? How coy!

  2. Thanks! Haven’t decided about the eyebrows. I was told that if I color them the same as the hair, I’ll end up looking like an alien, or evil, or both. They’re not as dark as they look in the picture, but they are a dead giveaway that my flaxen locks are courtesy of science and not nature.

  3. Love it!! I wouldn’t worry about the eyebrows. I think with that look (and especially in a week when roots start showing) people will know the curtains don’t match the, well you know. I liked mine best when I had a bit of root showing anyway, the dark makes a nice contrast.

  4. I’m with Flo, and even bet you’ll want to start streaking in a few months (the hair kind, not the running kind). So leave ’em, and they’ll match up with the streakies.

    It’s gorgeous. I told Dad last night that you had colored your hair, and he said, totally serious, “Julie, who? Wait. MY daughter?”

    We’ve always needed a blonde in the family.

  5. Looks good!!!!!, wow!!!!
    Groet Rinus.

  6. I’m thinking Midde Hamrin updated. Looks good – worth trading a 3 hour marathon for.

    Are you using that photo for the CD cover?

  7. Ewen, your references hint at an encyclopedic knowledge of running. I’ll bet you’ve got quite a running library.

  8. Can one have too many books about running?

    I wanted a good blonde runner with short hair. I remembered her from the book ‘How They Train: Long Distances’ by Jack Pfeifer.

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