Pinch me. Is sanity restored?

I’ll let my political beads drop. I am ecstatic — ecstatic, I tell you — with Tuesday’s election results. A blue sweep across New England, a blue sweep of both houses of Congress, and…a black family on the White House Christmas card!

I went out for a run on Tuesday morning to try to get my mind off the fact that it was pointless to watch television until at least 8PM. There was definitely something in the air. People were walking around with smiles on their faces. We all knew. We all just knew. And we were all in really good moods.

If this keeps up, we’ll have a woman and an atheist president (perhaps in the same person?) in my lifetime. The only dark cloud was the passage of gay marriage bans in states that should know better. So I’ll add “gay, lesbian or bisexual person” (heck, let’s throw in transgendered as long as we’re dreaming) to my list of people who need to be president before I die.

4 Responses

  1. It’s been a glorious week on the whole. I’ve cried openly too many times to count. But the marriage thing really tempered the joy in California.

    What is UP with people?

  2. Congratulations friend on his blog. A Brazilian abraço.Sou.

  3. I’m betting that we’ve had atheist presidents already, but one day it would be nice to see an openly godless one. But sadly, trumpeting one’s superstition-free status basically shoots down any chance of being elected to public office, and you can pretty much forget any state south of Maryland and east of New Mexico (and might be lynched in the real rabid ones, e.g., Mississippi).

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