Nice legs

I needed to do a six miler last evening. I usually construct this run with a four mile loop up to Scarsdale followed by a two mile loop down to Bronxville. But the weather was so horrible yesterday that I couldn’t handle the idea of having to run beyond my starting point down to Bronxville. So I ran a bit farther north and turned right on Harney Road, figuring if I ran up to White Plains Road, I’d probably go around 3 miles (to turn around and make it a six miler).

Running through a commercial area had its benefits, as it turns out. I ran by lots of store windows, some positioned at clever angles. And, damn, my legs are starting to look really good. They are no longer shapeless blobs of bouncing flesh. There’s still a fair amount of bouncing activity in the inner thigh region. But I have real muscles now, and I can actually see how my knees are put together.

Running 90-100 miles per week seems to be the ticket for fat loss. It’s going to be a shame to cover these puppies up with tights soon.

2 Responses

  1. Julie, thank you for your advice! Would you mind e-mailing me at I have a personal finance question related to what you said.

  2. Yes, your knees look great in your recent photo! I know all about the knee issues…

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