Up, that is.

I got my official finisher’s certificate for the April More Marathon only to discover that I’ve mysteriously been moved from 10th to 9th place.

Since I’m obsessive, I dug out a printout of the initial race results from my recycle bin and discovered that the original 9th place finisher, Ikuko Yabunami, has been removed from the list of finishers. I don’t know what happened there. Jonathan had told me right after the race that he thought he’d seen her being paced by three guys, so maybe she got disqualified for that (although I doubt it). Or maybe she was one of the people who was misdirected and didn’t hit all the mats.

In any event, 9th is always nicer than 10th.

3 Responses

  1. How cool is THAT? But now I have to go back to all the people I bragged to about you and correct myself, which is a HUGE hassle.


  2. hi, how are you?
    I’m Ikuko.
    I fund your blog talking about me!
    Wow! yes, I ran MORE marathon about 25miles! I missed last 1 mile…I got lost! That’s a really sad story!
    I didn’t see anybady in front of me at the race so I asked the direction to the voluntiars and they thougt me the wrong way! Thank you!!

    Anyway, congratulations for the 9th place!

    Are you running Nike half on Sunday? I will be there.

    See you!

    Ikuko Yabunami

  3. That’s too bad, Ikuko. I think a lot of people got steered the wrong way that day.

    I’m not running the half — I don’t race well in hot/humid weather, so I’ve stopped trying. Good luck to you, though!

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