Temp. Oh.

Well, here it is at 6:49 in the morning. And I’m trying to get my butt out the door for a 10 mile tempo run.

I rescheduled it from yesterday, as it was 3,000 degrees outside with high humidity. A couple of recovery sessions in that muck was plenty, thank you very much. Thunderstorms blew through and washed away the heat and stickiness.

Now it’s a cool 50 degrees with low humidity, although a tad windy.

I’m talking myself out of it. Then talking myself back into it.

I should just stop talking and go do it.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

Side note: Right after I purchased tickets to the Reebok Grand Prix, I noticed that NYRR was providing a promo code for its members, of which I am one. I guess membership has its benefits. Which I am apparently ignorant of until the point beyond which they are of value to me. Doh!

Also, the freelance work is finally taking a bit of a breather. I’m only working on one project at the moment, while Key Stakeholders mull over drafts for another. Although I was attempting to write while watching “The Andromeda Strain” last night.

By the way, what the hell has happened to Rick(y) Schroder? He’s old.

That must mean I’m old.



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