Spring is in full swing

Jonathan saw a red fox with a very bushy tail while out on his run this afternoon, emerging from a small wood next to some condominiums in Tuckahoe. It’s only the second time either of us has ever seen a fox around here. Brave little fox.

And just now a wild rabbit scampered across our lawn. For several years, a couple of ducks would fly onto our lawn and spend a few days floating around in the runoff stream (aka “drainage sluice”) that runs alongside our house. They haven’t been back for a few years. Or maybe they were different ducks. Who can tell?

In other news, my niece’s high school varsity Ultimate (frisbee) team just won the California youth championship yesterday. In a few weeks she goes to the regional (Western) championships in Missouri. I am proud to have a niece who can kick her some frisbee ass.

One Response

  1. So nice of you to plug!

    Neat about the fox.

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