Saving fascia

Well, with much reluctance and trepidation, I dragged myself to an orthopedist today to see about my recurring right calf problem. The funny thing is, as soon as I made the appointment, the leg began to feel a lot better. But I went anyway.

The verdict? I have a torn fascia, but I can still run my race. I need to load up on ibuprofen several times a day, stretch, start going to physical therapy for ultrasound and massage, and go back to the ortho in a month to get reevaluated.

Hoorah! Considering that HIP just raised my monthly premium by $50, I am all too happy to use my insurance benefits to the hilt.

I was somewhat sheepish when I had to explain that I was running a marathon in a mere week and a half, yet I’d had this problem for over a month. The Dr. said that was nothing: he says the week before the NY and Boston Marathons are for him what tax season is for an accountant. Apparently people fly in from other countries, then call up an orthopedist the day before their marathon expecting to get fixed in time.

Runners are idiots.

3 Responses

  1. Well, duh. Especially marathon runners.

    Glad you have a greenlight. If you have any (stomach) problems with the ibuprofen, I have some suggestions (maybe I could offer YOU helpful advice, for once!)

  2. Hi. Good luck on your upcoming marathon. It is funny how we runners tend to go see a dr about an injury right before an important event. I’ve been guilty of doing that too.

    I hope you don’t mind, I referenced a comment you left on Laura’s blog, on my blog. I liked it.

  3. […] This race offers both in abundance! In fact, last year when I ran this race, I distinctly remember feeling something give in my calf on the worst of the early hills (Bald Hill Rd). That turned out to be the only time I’ve had […]

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