Tapering’s not so bad. So far.

Maybe I’ll feel differently next week, but so far I am loving (to use the present continuous) my taper.

I went out for one of my last quality runs this morning, a 7 miler with 3 miles at marathon pace. I was a little alarmed, since my heart rate was pretty high for those miles. But I’m trying not to worry about it. My watch was acting hinky, losing satellite contact, so I’m chalking it up to technical difficulties. I’ve got too much other evidence that I can run 7:48 in the mid-80s to put too much stock in one flukey off day.

Now I do my one daily run in the morning and…I don’t have another run cluttering up my evening. I can do other stuff. Like go to Trader Joe’s. Or lie on the couch and read a book. Or play with the cat. Or all three! In one evening! And it’s not even time to make dinner yet. What do other people do with all their time? Oh, right. They have kids and commutes and social lives…

The only big drawback is that I can’t eat as much and drinking anything fun (like wine, beer or vodka) is out of the question, since that’ll put me right into calorie overage. So I’m drinking lots of tea and looking forward to the afternoon of April 6, about an hour post-race, when I will begin my birthday blowout blitz.