I’ve got some sort of problem with my left foot. I can’t say I’m surprised — in fact, I’m happier that there’s not more wrong with me, all things considered.

I have a sharp pain on the outside bottom of the foot, about an third of the way up the foot from heel to little toe. I did some walking (and, yes, I admit it, a little light running. So sue me.) on the treadmill last night, which seemed to aggravate it. So I’ve put the kibosh on plans to run this evening. I’ll take another day or two. In the meantime, it’s back to ice, elevation and ibuprofen. At least it’s refreshing to be treating something other than my shins.

I have some writing work to do this weekend, but not more than six or so hours. I’ll get it out of the way early tomorrow so it’s not hanging over my head. Other big plans are watching “Little Miss Sunshine” and cheering Jonathan on in the Scarsdale 15K race this Sunday.

I do miss running. I think I’ll buy a new pair of shoes to comfort myself.