Recovering nicely

Well, my pulse returned to normal sometime overnight. It was elevated 10 beats per minute Monday and yesterday. This morning it was back to a healthy 44 BPM upon waking up.

I’m also almost walking normally again. Read that again. This is a hobby that I choose to do. Where I say things like, “I’m also almost walking normally again.”

I went out shopping yesterday, as we were having a Milk Crisis. That was sort of a mistake, as I obviously had trouble negotiating stairs and curbs, and wasn’t even walking that well. I’m sure people thought I had hemorrhoids or somesuch.

The high has lasted, although it’s fading. I’ve been pretty obnoxious, reporting on my race to anyone who looks in my direction. So much for keeping a low, humble profile.

But the next one‘s around the corner, and I need to start thinking of what my goal time for that race is. Plus I’ve the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon at the end of April. I’m practically blasΓ© about it now: 13.1 miles? Easy peasy. A mere training run.

I can see how this is like heroin. The 5K is the gateway race. Before you know it, you’ve lost entire weeks and months to ultra marathoning with other addicts.

I did some reading today about Susan Loken, who won the More Marathon for the third year in a row. Here I’d thought she was another one of these lifelong runners, but in fact her running history is similar to mine (with the exception of running a marathon well over an hour faster than I can…heh heh): A non-athlete in her youth, a blob in her twenties and thirties, followed by a casual interest in “jogging,” all the way to qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Trials. Pretty impressive.

Tomorrow I’ll probably do some walking on the treadmill, and then try out a very short, very easy run on Friday to see how my legs feel.