Trail mix

I went and checked out a local trail to run on earlier today. It’s actually an equestrian path (and it was full of horse shit, ha ha!), but I know at least one person runs on it because I could see his running shoe prints (or hers, if she’s an amazon) in the snow.

Apart from the heavily rutted bits, it’s an easy path as far as trails go. Not a lot of roots, rocks or other hazards. The weird thing is that it runs right along a major thruway — you can see cars whizzing by through the trees — yet it’s very quiet and peaceful. I even saw a curious deer about 20 feet away from me when I checked out the first half mile or so earlier. Best of all, it’s a five minute drive from my house.

I’m going to try running it tomorrow, since my I don’t want to take my leg out on 20 miles of pavement, nor can I stand the idea of spending several hours inside on the treadmill. The run can be two loops — one is about 1.5 miles, the other is about 4.5 miles. That’s certainly short enough to enable me to cut the run short if my leg is really bothering me again. And the ground is primarily dirt, grass, pine needles, gravel and other forgiving matter.

Full report on this grand experiment to follow.

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