My stupid leg

This shinsplint business is getting really old. I’ve been running in pain for a few weeks now. That progressed to also walking in pain. This is not good.

So I’ve backed off this week. I last ran on Wednesday. Won’t run again until Sunday. I’m supposed to do a 20 miler on Sunday, but I’ll see how it goes. I may try to do it on the treadmill (yick — 3+ hours) to save my legs. If I’m still screwed up on Sunday, I’m considering taking an entire week off.

It’s still the right side primarily. It gets better, then worse, then better, etc. What I have learned is that I seem to have a fairly high pain threshold, which I never realized. But I don’t want to have a high pain threshold. I’d rather have no pain.

I’ve been icing, elevating, compressing and stretching religiously over the past few days. That seems to have helped. But, boy, is this frustrating.

I have a half marathon coming up in a three weeks. I hope this clears up by then.

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