One day at a time

Last week I ran 4.5 miles. GO ME.

Right. So running is vying with Learning Swedish on my list of priorities. And I don’t even want to learn Swedish.

Last weekend was the Scotland Run 10K, a race in which I got a PR last year, mostly owing to having maintained the 5K fitness I’d killed myself to obtain all fall and winter. I think if I’d raced that this year I would have been lucky to break 50:00, such is my state of current neglect.

I had plans to train for races this year. 5Ks in the late spring! A summer relay in Vermont! Track racing! The mile!

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to do. Right now I’m looking at running from an AA perspective: One day at a time. The first thing I have to work on is running more than once a week. I can already tell how out of shape I’ve gotten. Running now feels awful. So I don’t run, and I get more out of shape, and it feels awfuler.

So here goes: I’m going to try to commit to doing a 3 mile run, every day, for the next week, starting tomorrow. Today I will go for a walk.

Next week I’ll make it 4 miles.

If I can hack that for 2 weeks, then I’ll start throwing in longer runs. No “training runs” until sometime in the summer, after I have rebuilt a decent aerobic base and gotten rid of my various lingering injuries.

I have no other running commitments. I can’t take the pressure. I need to like running again before I can think about training for anything.